A Success Story

“We Need Help Fast!”

Recently, a large bearing manufacturer had told our customer that they would no longer produce a specialty bearing made specifically for our customer’s machines. The customer had a large installed base of their machines in the field that occasionally required replacements or repair parts, so he was clearly in a bind. When our Territory Manager happened to call on them, they told him, “We need help fast!”

The company was not happy with their current supplier, but more importantly, they were desperate to identify a supplier who could manufacture the bearing for them. MPower obtained a sample of the bearing, and our Chief Engineer promptly converted it into a drawing. Samples were obtained and approved by the customer. The supply chain is now full and the company has continued serving their customers without missing a beat.

Not only did the MPower solution allow our customer to continue to service their installed base of machines, but our customer’s engineers did not have to redesign their future production to accommodate a standard bearing.

This solution is a great example of how MPower uses our unique combination of engineering expertise and supply chain management consultation to craft a solution for what is now a very happy MPower customer.