A Success Story

Customization Can Save You Money

Over the years MPower has gained a reputation for not simply providing parts to fit standard equipment. Instead, we delve into our customers’ supply chain issues and design custom parts to fit your specific custom equipment in order to meet your exact manufacturing needs.

A great example of this is the work that MPower founder Jim Dorn has done over the past 25 years with a large farm equipment manufacturer in the Midwest.

This company has always placed quality at the top of their priorities for critical component. When Jim began working with them they were exclusively using a leading American manufacturer’s mounted ball bearing units.

These bearings provided the quality level that the company felt they needed, but they were open to a drop-in replacement if it offered equivalent quality andsignificant cost savings. This provided a great opportunity to introduce FYH ball bearing units to them, which were designed around the bearing manufacturer’s dimensions and met the need for high quality but at a lower price point.

The problem was that the farm equipment company did not have in-house accelerated testing facilities, and the only conservative way to move forward was to embark on controlled field tests of MPower’s flange and pillow block bearings, which were monitored over a period of more than a year and a half.

Following that successful procedure, the company issued modest orders to MPower for production bearings, which also were monitored carefully during production of the equipment and in the application for the ensuing years.

Since their market was mostly local at that time, they were able to keep a close eye on the performance of our bearings in field applications. Gradually, as they built up confidence in MPower’s FYH bearing units, we won a rapidly increasing share of their requirements for mounted ball bearing units, which quickly rose to 100% of their needs when our quality in their applications was verified and MPower’s performance as a vendor became well established.

Over the next 25 years, Jim worked with the company’s engineers to design improvements in the cast housings in certain applications to eliminate what had been rare but occasional failures that dated back to their earlier days and were a result of unavoidable severe shock loading in some of their applications.

These improvements have included heavy-duty housings with thicker cross-sections at vulnerable points as well as material changes, including high-tensile cast iron and ductile iron. As a result, more than 60% of the bearing housings MPower now inventories and supplies to them are custom housings that have been designed specifically for them, and their engineers report that housing failures have become a thing of the past.

Our performance as a vendor, which they now monitor and score monthly, has always been at the top of their rating scale, and the company continuously praises our efforts for providing solutions that have saved them money in the long-term.