A Success Story

Dealing with Customs and Import Paperwork

The Engineering Manager of a good OEM customer called us in a panic.  Three months ago he pulled some product away from us because he found an Asian factory that could supply parts to him cheaper.  The factory provided great samples and the customer pulled the parts away from us as a “cost savings”.  He asked if we could free up some product stuck in U.S. Customs. 

Unfortunately, the production shipment was stopped at customs.  

Despite the assurance of their Asian factory, the import paperwork was not filled out correctly and the parts were not properly classified.  It took weeks to untangle the paperwork and our customer had to pay a fine.  The Asian factory was not very responsive since they felt it was a U.S. Customs issue and they assumed the customer took care of everything once the product left the port.


To add more pain to the situation, the customer had paid for the product when it left Asia.  He said he was sweating during the entire process hoping everything would work out ok


Fortunately, when the product arrived it was acceptable.  However, Mechanical Power won back the business.  Our Brand Promise is to take the hassle out of global sourcing industrial components and products.  This is one example of what this promise looks like in the real world.


Douglas Zwiener


Mechanical Power, Inc.