Dealing with Customs and Import Paperwork

The Engineering Manager of a good OEM customer called us in a panic.  Three months ago he pulled some product away from us because he found an Asian factory that could supply parts to him cheaper.  The factory provided great samples and the customer pulled the parts away from us as a “cost savings”.  He asked if we could free up some product stuck in U.S. Customs. 

Unfortunately, the production shipment was stopped at customs.  
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Customization Can Save You Money

Over the years MPower has gained a reputation for not simply providing parts to fit standard equipment. Instead, we delve into our customers’ supply chain issues and design custom parts to fit your specific custom equipment in order to meet your exact manufacturing needs.

A great example of this is the work that MPower founder Jim Dorn has done over the past 25 years with a large farm equipment manufacturer in the Midwest.

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“We Need Help Fast!”

Recently, a large bearing manufacturer had told our customer that they would no longer produce a specialty bearing made specifically for our customer’s machines. The customer had a large installed base of their machines in the field that occasionally required replacements or repair parts, so he was clearly in a bind. When our Territory Manager happened to call on them, they told him, “We need help fast!”

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We’re ISO 9001 Certified

Mechanical Power has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, demonstrating its adherence to the highest standards of manufacturing and management processes and its commitment to providing customers with quality products and complete satisfaction.