MPower Sources Locally and Globally to Provide Top Service to Our Customers

By Chris DeFranceschi, Executive Vice President of Operations

Over the last 50 years, the U.S. economy has shifted from creating goods to providing services. Increased data and technology has led to the rise and growth of high-value distribution partners such as MPower, who deliver a new world of advanced consulting services in the supply chain arena in addition to sourcing parts. Already, almost 70 percent of the United States’ GDP comes from producing services rather than goods. What does this mean for you, and how can MPower go beyond parts to provide supply chain services to you?

MPower was recently featured in the Annual Report of American Chartered Bank. Click here to view the PDF.

MPower has been creating positive supply chain and distribution results for our customers through our strategic use of both local and global sourcing. Our supply chain experts have developed numerous relationships with local suppliers, but we also have taken advantage of the increasingly global economy to form very close relationships with worldwide sources that can provide top-quality goods to you at the best price.

With increased global product availability and quicker response time to customer needs, this sourcing strategy enables MPower to provide customized service solutions to any and every supply chain pain point.

We hope you will take advantage of MPower’s extensive resources and supply chain expertise by calling us today.